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40Never MarriedDublin, Dublin, Ireland

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About Him

Country of Origin: Angola
Location: Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Star Sign: Libra
Height: 180cm (5' 10.9")
Body Type: Stocky
Looks: Very Attractive
Hair Colour: Ask me later
Eye Colour: Brown
Ethnicity: Black/African
Home Language: Ask me later
Other Languages: English; French; Other
Religion: Ask me later
Marital Status: Never Married
Relationship Types: Open to possibilities
Have Children: No
Want Children: Yes
Daily Diet: Eat most things
Smoking Habits: Non-Smoker
Drinking Habits: Occasional Drinker
Education: Technical Diploma
Occupation: Ask me later
Income: Ask me later

His Narratives

Why should you get to know mikisam?

i will finish it later. sdfghjkl;kjhgfffffffffffhjkl;'/.,mnbvcx vbnm,.mnbvcxvbnm,.mnbvcxcvbnm,.
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'jhgkl;';lkjhgfhjkl;'#lkjhgfdghjkl;' #;lkj

He describes his ideal match thus:

i will finish it later. dfghjkl;kjhgfdsghjkl;'#;lkjhgfdsfghjkl; lkjhdfsfghjkl
#mfghmjk,l..,nmjbdsfghjklk.,jhgfdsdfghjk ,l..,mhgfdfghj,.mnbddfghj
nm,.mgfdghjkl;kjhgfdghjkl;kjhgfghjkl.jhg fdghjkl;kjhgffghjkl
ghjjhgffghjkl;lkjhghjkl;';lkjghhjkl;'l kjhggghjkl;'lkjhg


About His Ideal Match

Country of Origin: Anywhere in the World
Location: Anywhere in the World
Gender: Female
Age Range: (Moderately important) 24 - 40
Star Sign: Any
Height: Any
Body Type: Any
Looks: Any
Hair Colour: Any
Eye Colour: Any
Has Photo: Not important at all
Ethnicity: Any
Home Language: (Non-negotiable) English; French
Other Languages: (Non-negotiable) English; French
Religion: Any
Marital Status: (Non-negotiable) Never Married
Have Children: (Moderately important) No
Want Children: (Moderately important) Yes
Daily Diet: Any
Smoking Habits: Any
Drinking Habits: Any
Education: Any
Occupation: Any
Income: Any

More About Him

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